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Oil change

Oil change


Changing the oil is one of the most important factors for a good heart machine. On how often the car is operated, depends on the oil change interval. In order to maintain your car in excellent technical condition requires regular replacement of engine oil. To carry out an oil change will be truly able to master-professionals and we offer to replace the oil with us, in the authorized service station LLC "IMAGINE". </ Span> </ p>


We offer our customers not only an oil change, but also a range of related services, such as flushing the engine and installing a new filter. The cost of work on the replacement of engine oil includes the following services:


Remove old engine oil;


Installing a new oil filter;


Pouring new engine oil into the engine.


Take care of your car and it will never let you down. Do not save on your convenience. During this time, attention should be paid to the advice of oil change professionals and its characteristics. Our company takes into account the possible operating conditions of the car for each brand and individual approach, and also determines the optimum oil change interval. We aim to ensure that our customers are satisfied with our products and services!

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